• Project Data

    European FP7 Project
    The CONVERGENCE project is funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme
    Collaborative Project
    Grant agreement n. FP7-257123

    CNIT (Consorzio Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni)
    Prof. Nicola Blefari Melazzi

    Community contribution to the project
    2,989,140 Euro

    Project start date
    June, 1, 2010

    Project end date
    May, 31, 2013


The table below provides a list of the deliverables of the CONVERGENCE project. Public deliverables can be downloaded by clicking on their name.

Most deliverables include a glossary. The most recent version of the glossary can be found here.

Del. No.Deliverable NameWP No.Lead ParticipantNatureDiss. LevelDelivery Date
R1.1Project Management Manual WP1CNITRRE2
D3.1Definition of the system services and functional componentsWP3UTIRPU5
D1.1Project activities at month 6WP1CNITRRE6
D9.1Preliminary Business ScenariosWP9CEDRRE6
D2.1Preliminary use cases and requirementsWP2XIWRPU6
D4.1Preliminary Definition of the Versatile Digital ItemWP4CNITRPU9
D5.1Requirements and Initial Protocol ArchitectureWP5ICCSRPU10
D2.2Use cases and requirements for CONVERGENCE development workWP2XIWRPU11
D3.2System architectureWP3UTIRPU12
D8.1Plan for trials and experimentationsWP8SAORRPU12
D1.2Dissemination activity year 1WP1CNITRRE12
R1.2Annual Review Report year 1WP1CNITRRE13
D7.1Tools and Sample Applications Plans and VisionWP7SILRPU13
D4.2CONVERGENCE Rights Expression LanguageWP4CNITRPU16
D6.1Network and Middleware DesignWP6ICCSRPU17
D9.2CONVERGENCE applications and associated business modelsWP9CEDRRE18
D8.2Report on trials and experimentation after cycle 1WP8SAORRPU18
D3.3Technologies and connectors infrastructureWP3UTIRPU18
D7.2Tools and Sample Applications Technical SpecificationWP7SILRPU18
D1.3Dissemination activity year 2WP1CNITRRE24
D1.4Standardization reportWP1CNITRRE24
D9.4IPR managementWP9ALIRRE24
D5.2Intermediate protocol architectureWP5ICCSPPU24
D9.3Mapping of business models to partner plansWP9ALIRRE24
D8.3Report on trials and experimentation after cycle 2WP8SAORRPU25
D8.3 AAnnex to Deliverable 8.3WP8SAORRRE25
D6.2Network and Middleware ImplementationWP6ICCSPPU25
D5.3Final protocol architectureWP5ICCSPPU26
D6.3Report on Network and Middleware integration and testingWP6ICCSRPU26
D4.3Final Definition of the Versatile Digital ItemWP4CNITRPU26
R1.3Annual Review Report Year 2WP1CNITRRE26
D7.3Tools and Sample Applications Final ReleaseWP7SILPPU28
D2.3Use cases and requirements in the light of the development workWP2XIWRPU34
D9.5CONVERGENCE Exploitation strategy: final reportWP9CNITRRE34
D8.4Report on trials and experimentations after cycle 3WP8SAORRPU34
D8.5Report on potential social and economic impactWP8SAORRPU35
D1.5Dissemination Activity year 3WP1CNITRRE36
R1.4Annual Review Report Year 3WP1CNITRRE36

Partners can download all deliverables by logging in:

To gain a clear picture of project results, readers are advised to read the deliverables in the chronological order.