• Project Data

    European FP7 Project
    The CONVERGENCE project is funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme
    Collaborative Project
    Grant agreement n. FP7-257123

    CNIT (Consorzio Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni)
    Prof. Nicola Blefari Melazzi

    Community contribution to the project
    2,989,140 Euro

    Project start date
    June, 1, 2010

    Project end date
    May, 31, 2013



clip_image002 Maria Teresa Andrade
Auxiliary Professor




Area of Expertise:

Multimedia networked applications; context-awareness; content adaptation; multimedia recommendation; distributed content management.

Relevant Publications:
  1. M. T. Andrade (contributing author), “High-Quality Visual Experience Creation: Processing and Interactivity of High-Resolution and High-Dimensional Video Signals”, Springer Series: Signals and Communication Technology, Vol. 0, Mrak, Marta; Grgic, Mislav; Kunt, Murat (Eds.) 1st Edition, 2010, 550 p. 164, ISBN: 978-3-642-12801-1.
  2. A. Carreras, V. Barbosa, M. T. Andrade, H. Kodikara Arachchi, S. Dogan, J. Delgado, E. Rodriguez, and A. M. Kondoz, “Context-aware and DRM-enabled content adaptation platform for collaboration applications,” IEEE Multimedia, , vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 74-89, 2010.
  3. Vitor Barbosa and Maria Teresa Andrade, “MULTICAO: A semantic approach to context-aware adaptation decision taking”, in Proc. 10th Int. Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services (WIAMIS 2009), London, UK, 6-8 May 2009.


clip_image002[6] Hélder Castro
Researcher, PhD Student




Area of Expertise:

Multimedia content distribution; rich media content structuring; p2p networking.

Relevant Publications:
  1. Helder Castro, Artur P. Alves, Carlos Serrão, Brett Caraway, “A New Paradigm for Content Producers,” IEEE MultiMedia, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 90-93, Apr. 2010.
  2. H. Castro, A. P. Alves, “Cognitive Object Format”, International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, 2009.
  3. H. Castro, M. T. Andrade, A. P. Alves, “Governed Media Distribution based on Nonrestrictive DRM”, International Conference on Telecommunications and Multimedia, Ierapetra, Crete, Greece, 2008.